Aziz Nanthaamornphong, Ph.D

Assistant Professor in Computer Science

Research Interests:

Software Engineering
Software Quality
Software Development Tools
Agile software development
Tech Startup in Software Tech Startup
Empirical Software Engineering
Human-aspect in Software Engineering


Ongoing Research Projects:

ForUML – Extraction the UML diagrams from Modern FORTRAN.

Nanthaamornphong, A., Carver, J., Morris, K., & Filippone, S. (2015). Extracting uml class diagrams from object-oriented fortran: Foruml. Scientific Programming, 2015

Nanthaamornphong, A., & Leatongkam, A. (2017). Modern Fortran Transformation Rules for UML Sequence Diagrams. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 9(3-4), 131-136.

Squirrel  – The code snippet repository system

Nanthaamornphong, A., Pomwong, S., Klebkaew, K., & Jindamanee, N. (2017). Squirrel: A Code Snippet Repository. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 9(3-3), 73-77.

OSS Analytic – Analyze the code smell in OSS projects

Nanthaamornphong, A., & Chaisutanon, A. (2016, September). Empirical evaluation of code smells in open source projects: preliminary results. In Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Software Refactoring (pp. 5-8). ACM.

ZSmell – The code smell detection tool integrated with GitHub