Digital Media Lab






The objective

       Established in the 2020, the lab has an aim to provide a society with the design research methodology. This research process has included the knowledge from the domains of both anthropology and information technology. Subsequently, experimental projects have been conducted in order to delineate the epitome of an integration of art and science. A design becomes main discipline in the process of amalgamation of such. We hope that this could produce a new comprehension and open the way to develop the creative domain in our locality.


Seasail x DML: The Environmental Art

Technique: OpenCV; Openframeworks

According to the exhibition, the laptop and camera are installed by the beach. The sail is used to be a main screen for receieving the video projection. This exhibition suggests participants to freely experience the phenomenon of light, air, and sound. The outlines of participants' body are depicted through the openCV process in which The footages of the sea and sky are revealed within the area of the outlines. Through the procedure of this interactive subject, the concept of an exchange between human and nature is symbolized.

Seasail x Sin Tek Seng x DML: The Art Project in the Old Town, Phuket

Technique: Projection Mapping; Processing; Traditional Chinese Lantern

Sin Tek Seng, the 100-year-traditional Chinese coffin shop, has inherited the knowledge in creating Chinese lanterns. These lanterns will usually be burnt at the end of Taoist ceremonies -- to send off Chinese deities and to venerate the ancestral spirits. DML members apply the technique creating the whale lantern and projecting video footages onto its paper surface. Furthermore, the second floor of an old-two-storey building, located in the old town of Phuket, was transformed into under-sea environment to tell the concept in which the story Chinese migrants, their culture, and the ocean are communicated.



Projection Mapping Workshop, Trang

Technique: Projection Mapping; Touchdesigner

At Trang province, the south of Thailand, there was a first visit of Chrstian missionaries since more than 100 years ago. Since then, the group of Christians has been settled in Trang and becomes the strong-ties community. The church had been built in the community and appeared to be a preservation building. According to the celebration of 2020 Chirstmas, the members of the Trang church give a permission to the Faculty of Architecture and College of Computing, Prince of Songkla University, to conduct a workshop. The objective of this workshop is to create the projection mapping graphics which communicate a history of the church and community.


Documentary Film: Hokkien Chinese Funeral

In Phuket, Thailand, there has been an inheritance of Taoism and Confucianism. Such beliefs has been brought from Fujian, China, by the Chinese migrants who came to Phuket in order to establish their settlement, especially during the advent of the tin minig businesses. The ceremonies of life and death come to be treshold to interconnect among the space-time of past, present, and future. In this documentary film, the symbolic communication and semiotic materialistic ways are portrayed through the conduct of ceremonies.